The Bungalow

The neo-retro homestead is a fusion of classic plantation architecture with modern overtones.

The main bungalow houses the common living and dining rooms and three suites that are mosaic tiled, with polished wooden ceiling and large classic washrooms. An exquisite terracotta tiled veranda overlooks the courtyard and the garden with the lakes visible at a distance!

On the other hand, the first floor of the adjoining cottage houses two ceramic tiled modern suites with a semi-private balcony and each with a beautiful private dressing-cum wash room overlooking the lakes!

The garden is not manicured, but is simply a riot of colours. Numerous plants and trees that are native to the area or have been planted, provide a habitat to the birds and animals that have made Woodland Estate and Bungalow their home!

It is needless to add that most of the vegetables and spices in the food we serve are home-grown!

Away from the deafening and polluted cities, the only sounds audible are the chirping of birds
Early morning experiences are almost surreal, with the sunlight attempting to peep through thick fog
At night, trumpeting of elephants can sometimes be heard at a distance

The plantation, ponds, paddy fields, game sanctuaries are what photographers dream about!

House Rules:

  1. We are a homestay and not a hotel! We request you to treat our property like a home!
  2. We are not pet friendly
  3. Standard check-in time is 2 pm and maximum time by which a guest can check-in is 6 pm!
  4. Standard check-out time is 11 am. Late check-out may be provided based on availability.
  5. Hot water supply in the wash rooms is by means of solar heaters. Guests are requested to bathe one after another in sequence, so that all guests in the room can enjoy a hot shower!
  6. Free uncovered parking facility is provided to the guests for their own/rented vehicles. However, due to the Covid pandemic, parking of hired vehicles/stay of drivers in the premises is not permitted!
  7. Smoking: We are a NON-SMOKING home stay.
    • All the suites and buildings are treated as non-smoking areas.
    • Guests are permitted to smoke only in any of the external open areas.

Smoking in any of the buildings is not allowed!

  1. Alcohol:
    • We do not sell or serve alcoholic beverages.
    • The guests are however, free to consume their own beverages, but ONLY in the veranda, dining or open areas.

Consumption of Alcohol within the rooms is not allowed!

  1. Food: Since we are a homestay, we operate with limited staff and associated constraints. All meals are served in the dining room at the fixed times.
    • Breakfast is served between 8:30 am and 9:30 am
    • Lunch (if opted for) is served between 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm
    • Dinner (if opted for) is served between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm
    • We adhere to the above meal timings to the extent possible. Based on circumstances, we may be slightly flexible on the timings.
    • However, we regret our inability to serve food in the rooms or leave food in the dining room for consumption later!
    • As is the standard practice, we do not allow consumption of outside food/beverages, ordering from local restaurants; or the use of our kitchen for self-cooking!

To avoid rodents and pests, consumption of food and beverages within the rooms is not allowed!

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